Finnegans Wake Chapter 1.6 - Abridged and Accessible

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James Joyce's Finnegans Wake is a notoriously difficult book.   It has such a strong cultural undercurrent I have felt compelled to apply myself to it for much of my life.  I partook in a project to set all of its words to music - and chose chapter I.6 for myself - which is a microcosm of the book as a whole.  It discourses on the main characters in the form of a 12-question radio quiz show.  The complete 3+ hour version of this chapter may be found here - but it is quite inaccessible - for instance near the beginning a 90 minute song about Finn McCool blocks the listener's way from proceeding further into it.


In this version, all of the pieces are short, providing the listener with a good sampling of the musical buffet that is Finnegans Wake, chapter I.6.