The Bar Band Is Here


In the same way Sgt. Pepper is inspired by the tradition of the British music hall brass band, this album is inspired by the great American bar band.  Humble, competent, clean sounding, anonymous.  No marquee value, not famous, you know the bassist from school, they play perfectly, they're great. 

I was drinking and eating peanuts at Raffles in the early 90's.  A bar band rolled in and started playing - it was the most beautiful thing I ever heard.  My friends said it was time to go - I felt it was too ridiculous to tell them I was having a sublime listening experience and I have regretted leaving before the set was over ever since. 

It's not stadium rock, and it's not even small venue for traveling DIY bands rock.  It's local bar rock. 
ALBUM FEATURES THE MINOR HITS Strange Dreams and Let's Go Home

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