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Now A Yak CD (Oxtail, Cassette, 2020)   

Something's Been Lost (Orange Milk, Cassette, 1997-02/2019*) 
The Golden Tape (Handsome Duck, Cassette, 2019)  - with Professor Kid
Guitar Joy (Oxtail, Cassette, 2018) 
Slithering Kingdoms (A Backyard Afternoon) (Oxtail, Cassette, 2017) 
FW 1.6 (Waywordsandmeansigns, Digital, 2016)  

Engines of Joy Series 
Engines of Joy (Orange Milk, Cassette, 2007/2012)
Melville in Jerusalem (Anonymous Dog, Cassette, 2007/2012)  
The Sci-Fi Trilogy
In An Orange Milky Way (Orange Milk, Cassette, 2013) 
The Cassette Label Heads Who Went Outside (Moss Archive, Cassette, 2014)
The Caprice of Young Gods (Oxtail, Cassette, 2016)
Arctic Century Sunstorm (Handsome Duck, Lathe Cut, 1987/2016)
Solar Wind Lunar Snow (Handsome Duck, Digital, 1997/2019)  
Lost At Sea (Handsome Duck, Digital, 1987/2021)
Collaborations, Assists, & Appearances
Various Artists - Together - benefit album for Showing Up For Racial Justice Charlottesville
Infinite Potential (Oxtail, Cassette, 2018)
Wes Tirey
O Annihilator  (Full Spectrum, Cassette, 2014)
Cream Juice
Extra Soggy (Tabs Out, Cassette, 2012/2016)
Mappa Mundi
At Sea (CD, 2015)
Disband (CD, 2009)
Bull Dozer (Digital, 2012) 
Geneva (Digital, 2012)
Ya Boom! (CD, 2013)
Live Zoom Reunion 3 30 20 (Digital, 2020)
Rock & Roll Heaven (Digital, 2020)
Doo Dey (Digital, 2021)
Disband Film (2014)
Lisa Chosed
Smilin' Eyes (CD, 2017)
*recording date/release date